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I Canceled, I've been trying to pay my bill but I want a layer the Chargers before I do no one will answer and my email l no longer works

I canceled my phone in June due to lack of costumer service I've been trying to pay my bill but I want to see my bill before I do, no one will answer my emails and my account online no longer works.

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Hello Amanda.

Usually when you close an account, a bill should have been posted to the address in your account. 
No just the amount owing not what the charges are. They have my cancel date wrong by 2 months so I know the amount is wrong by I can't know by how much till I see a bill. Which I did request 5 times via their email.
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Try calling, I find emails are not always answered in a timely fashon
I have but after an hr waiting 3 different times on my daytime mins I gave up.
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It's ideal to call at 9am if possible. You can use a voip service like Fongo or google hangouts from home if you have wi-fi as well so you don't burn your daytime minutes.
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Hi Amanda - what message do you get when attempting to log-in to Koodo Self Serve? Even though your account is deactivated, you should still be able to log-in and view old invoices, as long as you had previously registered. From what I see on your account, the final charges are reflective of your remaining tab balance and a carry-over amount from your May invoice (shown on the bill dated June 27). It also looks like a rep did reply to you on July 27 acknowledging your emails, but confirming that personal account details can not be shared over email since we're unable to verify your credentials.