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I can't send or receive picture messages.

Hey, I have an iPhone5 with the $30 promotion plan which provides unlimited SMS/MMS. Although "MMS Message," I cannot send or receive picture messages. Even between iPhones.. Please, help..!

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Is your data on? Your data needs to be enabled in order to send and receive picture messages
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Hello Soo Bin, Also, you could check if iMessage is activated. If it isn't, then some picture messages wouldn't send and you wouldn't receive any either. Happened to me some while ago, people sent me MMS's and never received them. On the other hand, my MMS's showed as sent but the person didn't receive it. Hope it solved your problem.
Hey Ahmed and Robert, Thank you for fast replies!! However, my "Cellular data" and "iMessage" are both activated. Yet, I still can't receive or send MMS to non-Apple devices.. Also, I found out that even though it says "The message failed." with a red exclamation mark, MMS are sent to those with other iPhones.. Getting hectic in here!
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It is indeed really weird here. Have you tried closing and re-opening your phone? Is your plan including data? <- this might be the problem
Soo Bin Hwang, do you know if you have data block as an addon in your account? If yes, it will not work until you have it removed from your plan.
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Hey Soo Bin! You should give a call to our Tech support. Please dial 1-866-995-6636 (option #6) from a landline in order to have your phone available for a complete troubleshooting. Thank you.