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I can't receive any call or messages

  • 20 August 2019
  • 5 replies

2 days back I switched from Bell to Koodo. Before Bell I was with Koodo with the same phone number. now I can't receive any calls or messages. If someone calls me it goes directly to voice message which I can't see that ether and no-one can message me.

I need someone to help me to fix this issue. ty

5 replies

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The porting process likely hasn't finished. You can call but not receive calls. If it's still a problem tomorrow we can flag a rep to look into it to see what's going on. Typically it's faster than that.

even Koodo can't call me to fix it. 😀 but I can call!!!
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Makes sense really if you just cannot receive calls. You'll have to send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter or provide an alternate phone number for a call back.

If you've tried to register without getting the activation email that'll happen too. You'll need to get your account reset and an activation email sent again.
Thanks Goran for your time, I had an other phone number with Koodo (long time ago, almost 3years ago). I saw that phone number when I logged in to Koodo instead of my current phone number!!
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@Benjamin Biazar Has the issue been fixed since you posted this? Usually the port-in is completed in less than 2 hours and a half if your're porting-in a mobile phone number, and a text message should confirm the successful port-in. I also reset your self-serve, so you should be able register using this link here: koodomobile.com/self-serve . Let us know if you're still encountering issues.