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I can't leave my cell phone a voicemail

  • 24 June 2020
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I have already set up my PIN and voicemail recording on my Koodo personal phone. When I call from my work number to my personal from my work phone it rings and then is just silent, there’s no ability to leave a voicemail and the time keeps ticking. While looking at my cell phone while this is happening when I ignore it after the three things the call ends, so it looks like while calling from my work that I’m waiting for a voicemail to kick in it never happens.

2 replies

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Did it happen only to your work phone number or everyone else? When you said “ it rings and then is just silent” was the signal reception ok at the time?  was there any missed calls showed up in your cellphone after that call? And what do you meant by “the three things the call ends“?

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It’s possible you may not have activated your voicemail greeting.

Press and hold the ‘1’ key on your phones’ dial-pad to access your voicemail. At the prompt, select option 3 (Greetings). Then select ‘1’ for Personal Greetings. At this point, the system should tell you whether or not your voicemail greeting has been activated.

I prefer using the voicemail setup reference guide from TELUS as it provides step-by-step instruction and is easier to read. The link below will load a .pdf document.

TELUS Voicemail Quick Reference Guide (pdf)