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I can't get any service

So I started pay as u go and go my self a iPhone 4 with kodoo and activated the line but I have no service since the activation. I updated the phone restarted the network but nothing

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By update phone do you mean updating iOS or updating carrier settings? If you haven't updated carrier settings, connect your phone to itunes and make sure to do that. Also is 3g enabled in your phone settings? EDIT: if you got the phone from koodo, you don't have to update carrier settings
I did connect the phone to iTunes but every time it tell me it sees the device. I restored the phone thru iTunes still nothing I also restarted the carrier setting thru the phone
I'm not sure wat ISO is
I would like to call customer service and trouble shot but no service 😞
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Are you sure it's a Koodo iPhone?
Pretty sure but how can I be certain
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You can call Koodo at 1-866-995-6636 and ask them to check the IMEI to see if it is indeed a Koodo iPhone
Yea my carrier is koodo but the rep did say that my SIM card was not showing up she told me to verify the SIM card but it's on the phone fine
I'm going to try to call trouble shooting department do U guys have a direct number
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Did you make sure that 3G is enabled on your phone? A lot of times no service on a phone means that 3G is not enabled. Daniel Kim asked that but have not heard a response to that. Did the agent transfer you to tech support, because if you have to call back you would want to speak with them. Other problems may be in your area, with your phone, a bad SIM card.
Yea the 3g is enabled and thank u guys I'm gonna call customer service and then transfer to trouble shooting