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I bought the 10 day $15 unlimited texting for the US but I can't send or receive texts here in Arizona- any ideas, friends?

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Try rebooting your phone. Also where are you in Arizonia? There may be no signal there. Koodo Roams with AT&T and T-Mobile. Also try Settings>Carrier>Turn off automatic and see if you can select AT&T or T-Mobile
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Location is important. Do you have voice service? Can you send yourself a text? http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/no-service-in-the-us
Thanks - I'm in Tucson. My phone says T-Mobile. All of yesterday it wouldn't even connect the phone enough to change the time. Right now it is on the right time. When I send a message, it says Not Delivered. So I clicked on the ! next to it and it said Send as Text Message as an option (I thought I was text messaging!) but I guess I was 'I-messaging'! Thanks for you help - each time I send a text now, it doesn't go through, but then I can select (on the error menu) send as text message, and then it goes. Your suggestion about changing settings made me think of trying that - thanks! Any idea how to change from i-message to text message so I don't have to repeat each text?
Oh - I found the setting needing changed in Settings -->Messages ---> iMessage (has to be turned off). Happy Day - and thanks again, you guys!