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I bought iphone 4s from someone and she paid to get it unlocked, but it tells me its still locked, I can't get through on phone, help

I purchased an iphone 4s from a koodo customer. She said she paid to get it unlocked, but it will not let me do anything with it. I am trying to call Koodo to talk with someone, but as I'm not a customer I can't get through the automated answering process. Help please

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Hi DH1792,

Not much you will be able to do yourself. You will need to contact the person who sold you the phone and get them to contact Koodo to get the phone properly unlocked. That or you can go to one of those cell shops in malls that sell thousands of cases, they can also unlock the phone for you in most casses. 
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You could try to sync it with iTunes. She may have paid to get it unlocked but did not go through the full unlock process.