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i bought an iphone 4S in 2011 from koodo, and i was wondering if i could upgrade to another phone or no?

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Hi there Linda... You can definitely upgrade at any time... If your iPhone is under a contract, then you should paid what is left on the contract to be able to upgrade your phone, but now it will be under the TAB system since Koodo does not have contracts anymore... If your current iPhone is on the TAB system, then, you will have to pay whatever is left on the TAB, and then you can subsidize your new phone again on the TAB S, M or L... For TAB M, there will be a 5$ TAB charge on top of your plan and you will be able to put 300$ on the TAB, and for TAB L, there will be a 10$ Tab charge on top of your plan and you will have to choose one of the TAB L plans and you will be able to have 500$ on the TAB...
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Of course you can. Now they actually have what they call a "bigger and better" tab so you might be able to get a phone for less money out of your pocket. Remember that you will have to pay off any outstanding tab but it also means that you will have more tab available to offset the price of the new phone.
thanks! you guys helped me a lot 🙂