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I am paying for data but I can't use it. I have it enabled on my phone but I have no internet unless I have wifi.

iphone 4 with minutes and data.  Havent been able to use data since I started the plan.

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So under settings -> cellular -> cellular data is checked on?
yes, I even had the phone store guy check it and everything is set right, but I can't get data unless I have the wifi on

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Also, log into self serve and check if the "Data block" is on your account.
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Hi Darlene!

Have you been able to solve the issue and use data on your iPhone thanks to the above suggestions?

Let us know what happened! 🙂
still unresolved
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Darlene Drake Hatchette wrote:

still unresolved

Hi Darlene,

Have you tried checking your self-serve account to see if Data Block is enabled? If you need help with this, feel free to contact customer service by dialling 1-866-995-6636 and ask to see if Data Block is enabled.
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Hello Darlene! Is your iPhone a Koodo phone, or did you have it unlocked form another provider to use on our network? If you had it unlocked, please make sure that your APN are set as following: http://koo.do/1fhcMX9.
it was a telus phone but I got it switched to koodo.  I have an iphone 4 so i can't access the APN that way.  I don't know any other way to do it.

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Was there an ios update recently or have you done a factory reset?
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If you are still having data issues, I would suggest calling in our technical support department. You can reach them by dialing *611 from your Koodo phone, option 6.