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I am not sure what a tab balance is. Mine is showing negative. I must of missed the explanation when I signed up for the phone.

I have an I phone 5s, signed up with for a package with no date. Just have unlimited minutes and long distance

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Well you are on a postpaid account then. I'm a little confused when you say that you have no date? No data? You got the phone on a tab, which essentially allows you to pay your phone off (or usually ships portion of it) over the course of 24 months. A sort of no interest loan. Sometimes sales and deals are done through the tab.
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So, you have a $40 Talk &Text plan?
The iPhone 5S is $0 upfront +$15/mo tab charge currently.
So your Tab balance start from -$360 and you will pay down your tab monthly by $15 to reach to $0
You can check your tab balance through self serve.

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Hi Jennifer, 

If you need more details about the Tab, you can always visit this link http://koo.do/228amho . Hope this helps ! 
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Hey Jennifer,

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Thank you Jennifer!