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I am new to kodoo march 10

Why havent i recieved a bill. I dont want some ridiculous amount after.please help

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Kelli, you were emailed and or texted 2 invoices already. You have not set up your online account yet. This is critical to make sure you know what your outstanding balance is. On march 10th we sent an email to validate your account. Did you get that? 
I have NOT recieved email xxx@gmail.com Furtthrrmore i called erica at walmart 1001 to ask . She sugg this. Thankyou
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Kelli Stainthorpe wrote:

I have NOT recieved email xxx@gmail.com Furtthrrmore i called er...

Kelli, this is a public forum so I deleted your email. Please send us a message on Facebook and we can help fixing things up. I see that you indeed activated in March. There is an outstanding balance. If you dial 611 from your phone you should be able to get the balance, usage and other info. 

This is all it shows when i made account
Please have this figured out why account is showing Zero balance.yet we signed up march 10
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If you signed up March 10, why does that bill show Jan-Feb? Are you signed into the correct account? Would you have created the account under a different email?
Exactly doesnt make any sense. No same email.not once contacted so it was concerning.its for my child .ill try contacting on fb. Thankyou again