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I added money to my phone and switched my plan! now I have no service! Help!

Prepaid phone -- I added a 40 dollar prepaid card to my phone. Then switched my plan to the 35 dollar plan. But apparently my old plan (25 dollar one) was automatically taken out already. So when I switched to the 35 dollar plan I didn't have enough money and now my account is suspended until I put another 35 dollars on it? So all that money I just put on is now gone and I have no plan? Dont really understand this. Help please.

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Your best solution is likely to call in, however you should have your $25 plan currently if it took the money out to renew it.
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After you use up the latest top up card, you should look into a post paid account as they are generally a much better use of your money, do not have "top up issues", and you don't have to remember to top up. Additionally, you will likely get a new phone for free. Having said that, it sounds like you simply need to add additional funds to your pre paid account to ensure you have enough to cover the cost of your plan - you just need to top up with $10 more and your account should light up.