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Hypothetical iPhone Unlocking question...

I have an iPhone 5c that I got from Koodo last year. I'm not a Koodo customer anymore, but would like to have the phone unlocked so I can take it to Australia for a few months. From what I've read, Koodo will unlock your phone if you're a customer and don't have a negative tab balance for $35. So let's say I get a prepaid sim and top it up to include the $35 for the unlock fee, will Koodo unlock my iPhone 5c if I call them after I active a prepaid sim? 

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Hi Raveena,

If you activate a new prepaid account, you will be eligible for the unlocking. Just give us a call at 1-866-995-6636 after the activation if you’d like to unlock your Koodo iPhone. A $35 unlocking charge will apply, so make sure you’ve got a credit card or Top Up voucher on hand when you call.

Thanks Raveena!
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If you have any friends or family with Koodo, they can request an unlock for you, and you can just give them the $35+tax.