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Huge data spikes

  • 1 April 2021
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Hello Everyone,

I've been having a strange issue with data usage on my phone that I may have tracked to Apple Music, wondering if anyone else has seen the same. I have an iPhone SE (1st Gen) running OS 14.4.1.

Twice now in my billing cycle my phone has used a very large amount of data in one go and I am now maxed out. The first time it was 2.5GB and the second it was 1.1GB. Both times this happened around 6:45am while I was still at home with my phone plugged in and on Wi-Fi. I looked at my data usage and the only app that appears to have used enough data by itself to account for this is Apple Music. I really wish iPhones gave you the ability to track data usage by time as well as app so I could correlate the usage and confirm my suspicion...

Wi-Fi assist does not appear to have accounted for more than 150mb. I have not changed any Apple Music settings recently and this has never happened before. Background app refresh is off. I never usually come remotely close to my data cap.

I checked and a setting called Automatic Downloads was on in AM. I have never enabled this before, and I'm wondering if it does an automatic update at a preset time each week or something. The thing is, I hadn't added any music to my library the first time this happened. My phone was also on wifi and so I'm a bit mystified as to why it was using data to do this.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. The Koodo chat bot is completely useless and I suspect they’ll just tell me to buy more data if I call in. 

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The usage number in Koodo selfserve wasn’t a exact data consumption at that certain time. The number might be a sum up of the usages minutes/hours before that certain timestamp. Apple iOS didn’t help either with their usage report. They only provide a data usage per period.

And Apple music is actually consuming a lot of data. One hi-def song would cost you around 4-12MB for audio (5min) and 100MB+ if that was a music video. The problem is, it doesn’t sometimes keep the download in the memory (or if your music cache was full). When you play the next song or change to another album and switch back to the previous song, the track will be re-downloaded again. To make it worse,  iPhone normally downloads the whole song even when you just listen to it for 10 seconds.

From my own experiences, 30-40 minutes of listening to music with changing album and songs, I  consumed 200-800MB. So I normally downloaded my frequent music library to the phone (instead of streaming live) by that way I could save some data.