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How to use MMS Messaging WITHOUT using Data: SOLVED!!

After getting a new SIM with Koodo that included MMS but did not include Data, the friendly kiosk worker offered to add a data block on my service. T'was great until I realized none of my MMS messages were coming through. The CSR I spoke to did not know how to enable MMS data without disabling all other data, but I eventually solved it myself.

I want to ensure that Koodo knows this for the future so they can set new customers up with the right info.

Step 1: Make sure you disable the data block by calling customer service and having it removed if applicable.  

Step 2: Change the APN info as such (Make up a username and password)

APN: NODATAsp.koodo.com
Username: fluffynuggles
Password: 12345

Under MMS, the info remains the default.

...and the personal hotspot info should be the same as the Cellular Data.

Next, enable Cellular Data, Enable 3G, hit the home button, turn off the phone and back on again, then you're all good! Remember to re-do these steps if you factory reset your phone or restore from a backup. 

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This doesn't work for Nexus devices or the Moto G series, in my experience. Not every phone can use this hack, but it's a good workaround if it does.