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How to use an old SIM card with a new phone.

I want to use my old SIM card in a new phone. Both phones are identical in make and model. When I go through self serve it asks to Upgrade my phone, but then only gives two options: 1) Enter NEW sim card # 2) My phone does not have a sim card. Neither of which is accurate. What do I need to do to activate the new phone using the old sim card?

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Hi Colette,

If the new phone is the same as your old phone all you would need to do is simply swap the sim card from one phone to the other. No need to reactivate the card on self serve as it is already working.

Hope that helps 🙂
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No change needs to be made to your account. Just put the existing SIM card in the new phone. If you're having issues, the SIM card may be damaged or need to manually select the Koodo network manually. Good luck.