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How to unlock iPhone 5 from NWT, where there is no Koodo store

Hey guys, I recently came into a pay-as-you-go iPhone 5, locked to the Bell network. I am a Koodo customer living in Yellowknife, NWT (with a 250 area code 😵. I'd love to upgrade my talk-and-text phone and enter the world of iPhones, but the "unlock you smartphone here -- it's easy!" is not at all easy to navigate when the first step is finding your closest Koodo store (Which is Alberta, for those who may be curious). The question: Do I have to physically go into a store to get an unlock code/SIM card, or is there a way to do it online/over the phone/through mail. On behalf of all Canadians living in the middle of nowhere, I hope the answer is yes. If it is, HOW??

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Koodo cannot unlock a phone that they did not sell. Plus there aren't very many areas where Koodo has HSPA service in the NWT.
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You can get your iPhone unlocked on many sites online. Google is your best friend.
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Try cellunlocker.net or GSMLiberty.com
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Paul "Kid Android" Deschamps wrote:

Try cellunlocker.net or GSMLiberty.com

FYI cellunlocker doesn't unlock bell iphones.