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How to unlock Iphone 4s in another country of Koodo

Bought Iphone 4s and bring it to india. how to unlock it and whats the exact cost.

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You can call Koodo but I'd recommend a 3rd-party website like CellUnlocker.net
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Koodo will unlock a phone for $50, but you must have a Koodo account which has been active for at least 3 months.
for how much CellUnlocker.net will do
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Go to cellunlocker.net and look it up.
ok thanks
Use Koodo and Telus Canada Apple iPhone Unlocking Service to unlock your iPhone 4s . You can get it from the provider http://www.classicunlocking.com/apple-iphone-4s/rs17wp9/ to unlock it . Here, the unlocking cost is nearly 130 dollars .