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How to turn off background data on an iPhone?

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I know how to do it on the android I have so if I dont open up facebook or any other app there is no way in the world that any incoming notification nor attempt of data will be use unless I hit on the icon. Still, no idea how to do that on my iphone.

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I saw somewhere that it is impossible and that iOS only allows app(s) to download for 5 mins after you've closed it/them or put it/them in background. I'm not sure though.
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There is no real way to do this on the iphone. The only for sure way is to Turn off data. Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data To try to do what you are asking I would try the following with no promises: -You can make sure that any data using app is not in the notification, this includes any badges that appear on the icon -Ensure mail is set to Fetch Manually -Ensure iCloud settings is not using any data -Ensure photostream is not using any data