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How to stop data usage after the predetermined amount is used?


I'm just wondering if there's a way I can have my data disconnected after I used my predetermined amount of 5GB. Just because I'm really bad at not turning off my data and a few of my wifi spots (work/school) have awful wifi that cut in and out.


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Nope. Only on Android so far. All you can do is learn to turn it off once you receive the text notification saying that you have used up your data allowance for the bill cycle. 
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Or change your consumption patterns to use less mobile data , period. Five GB is a considerable amount of mobile data, unless you are tethering, or streaming lots of video.
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You don't mention your mobile brand/model so definitive help is vague, as dfbutt noted, 5GB is a considerable amount of data. I have turned off Auto-switch on my mobile to make sure Data does not turn on when there is no WiFi as I like to be able to control my usage better. Also you can save Data by turning off your location/GPS and a few other items like updating over Data and set it to Update over WiFi only. Go to your Mobile Web Site and find a manual to research disabling Data.
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I have 6GB and use just under 3 (I need the buffer for emergencies like my home internet goes down). You might want to watch less video or download less apps.