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How to Reduce cost - plan/add on for Long Distance - US & In Canada DATA Usage

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Hi, I want to reduce cost or willing to pay overall 10$ extra for a better deal. I have noticed in my bills that I usually pay minimum of ~10$ Extra for calling USA and I am looking to add preferred min of 1 GB Data good to have 4 GB/Month. Any suggestions? Below is my current plan 40$/month+on TAB ($15)+$3 Add on for International (India etc - My understanding is USA is not covered). I want to keep my bill below or = 80$/Month. I have iPhone 5 the small one. Data - I mostly use GPS including long distances sometime 3 Hours drive one way, Email and Online Radio(Songs). I can control social media while not on wifi ================================ $40 per month 500 minutes 500 MB of Shock-Free Data Unlimited messaging 500 MB of Shock-Free™️ data 500 Canada-wide anytime minutes Call Display Voicemail Unlimited Canada-wide Family Calling Call Waiting and Conference Calling Additional data $5/100 MB Unlimited evenings and weekends (5pm) Unlimited messaging (text & picture)

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Koodo is offering U.S. Unlimited add-on ($10/mo) if you use a lot of minutes to call US.

They have promo right now and your $40 plan have 1 GB included now.

If you pick $55/mo plan includes 2GB + Unlimited minutes:
$55  + $10 U.S. Unlimited add-on + $15 tab = $80/mo

Or $60/mo plan includes 3GB + 1000 minutes:
$60 + $10 U.S. Unlimited add-on + $15 tab = $85/mo

Check their promo plans here 🙂

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GPS programs are available that do not use your data while travelling. I use Copilot, and others have recommended Here Maps. Both available on the App store. This can considerably reduce your travelling data consumption.