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How to force a sync with Exchange server

  • 1 September 2017
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I am syncrhonizing the notes, calendar, and contacts (not email) on my new iPhone SE (iOS 10) with an Exchange Server interface (AkrutoSync).  It's not a full fledged exchange server.  It simply presents an Exchange Server interface to the iPhone (or to an Android) to enable syncing with a Microsoft Outlook client running on a laptop or desktop.

Of the phones that can interface with it, iPhone is apparently unique in that the user cannot manually trigger a sync.  Syncs occur every 10-15 minutes, I'm told.  In my case, the iPhone connects to AkrutoSync over my home WiFi network.

Not being able to force a sync at will is a bit of a pain.  If I create or delete an appointment on Outlook, I want to be able to synchronize at will.  I don't want to wait an unknown length of time and hope that there was a sync.  I might be headed out the door for some engagement.

Is it in fact true that iOS will not allow me to force a sync at will?  If not, then how does one force a sync?  Simply switching to away from an app (notes, calendar, contacts) and swithcing back doesn't do it.  Neither does putting the phone to sleep and reawakening it.

3 replies

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I'm not too familiar with AkrutoSync, however, the information provided in the link below suggests that you can force a sync by opening an app. The examples given are the calendar and contacts apps. Notes is not mentioned, though I'm assuming you could force a sync in the same manner. Is there a way to decrease the sync duration to a lesser value?


https://www.akruto.com/files/UserGuide.pdf (.pdf format)
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Thanks, rikkster.  The problem is that switching to the app, as suggested, doesn't trigger an immediate sync for me.  A sync eventually happens on its own, but that's highly nonideal for me.  I was wondering whether there was a more explicit way to force a sync.  The question really about iOS and the native apps, as it would be the same regardless of how the Exchange Server account is provided.
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Based on responses from AkrutoSync and other forums, and verified by yours truly, pulling down on Calendar and Contacts lists causes a sync. There is no such feature for Notes, but the iPhone Notes app seems to automatically attempt a sync when I add/delete notes. Furthermore, if I add/delete notes on the Outlook client on the laptop, AkrutoSync seems to be able to initiate a sync. I am surprised by this push sync, as my settings on the iPhone was to sync manually. But as long as I can sync without waiting 5 to 15 minutes (or even 1 to 15 minutes), it has the effect I want. Furthermore, if the phone is off, and I add/delete a note, the phone seems to know that it has to attempt a sync when re-awakened. Whatever byzantine heuristics exist to govern the initiation of syncing under various situtations, the overall effect seems to be as desired.

As for Fetch and Push, I have them all set to Manual. I don't want automatic.