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How to create and use a hot spot

I am looking to use my iPhone as a hotspot and have some questions. I have a data plan with my phone, so when I hook up another device and use it will it just use the data from my plan or will it charge me separately for the data that I use when my phone data is being used by another device? Second part to this question is that it is asking me to enter a password to create the hotspot. When would I have set up this password? Is it the main password for the phone? Thanks for the help!

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Any phone that connects to your signal for Hotspot will use your data from your plan. The password is to protect the hotspot signal. This is something you create when setting it up.
Thanks Marcus! I will give it a try
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A hotspot just means making your phone provide internet to other devices by sending a wifi signal. You will use your password when the other device connects to your phone's wifi for internet. Just like you would for a wireless router for internet at home/office/etc
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Hot spot and tethering will allow your data to become a WiFi hotspot so you can use it with other devices. This option is in the settings.