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How to correct self serve error

Help. I bought an add-on but made an error and needed to change from 3 days to 10 days; however I could not see in self serve how to correct/amend it. So then I sent a message to Koodo for help on Sunday evening but I have still not yet heard back. The koodo website indicates a 24-48 hour response time. Anyone know how to fix this or do I have to call them and get a $10 fee? Also, how does this community page work? Who answers the questions? Customers or Koodo staff? Thanks, Alison

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You will have to contact them and see if they will make the change for you.

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Hey Alison - where did you send your message? (Facebook, email, other?) An agent can assist with making this change, but since the 3-days have lapsed, I'm not certain if anything can be done. Regardless, if you can you shoot us a private message on Facebook and explain the situation, one of our reps will validate you as the account owner and provide info. as to what can be done.

This will also be quicker than calling. We only charge the $10 fee if a rep has to perform a task that a customer can easily do on their own via self-serve, but for something like this there wouldn't be a charge. However, due to longer than usual wait times, you'll get an answer much more quickly on here, in the Community, or by contacting us through Facebook.

Lastly, the community is run by customers just like yourself. Mobile Masters are super users that have a wealth of knowledge of the mobile landscape and Koodo products and services. And from time to time, reps like myself do frequent the forum to jump in and help as needed.

Hope that helps.