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How to cancel my service and move to a new one?

I'm really uncomfortable with the backstab that I've had with this. Since mid december, I wanted to upgrade to a 5s from a Samsung Galaxy note and from what I was told, I didn't have to cover a lot of payments but it was too muck that my dad just went it a 5c. I just want to go with ANOTher carrier that won't cover that much. Example: I need to pay almost $200 dollars to keep my current plan of $35/month than going with $80/month which is ridiculous. So I need I don't know $200 more to get it if it weren't for that payment.

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You can move on but that's how every single carrier works, you either pay more up from for the device or you pay more per month. Moving carriers isn't going to change that but your free to do as you wish you just have to call customer service to cancel your service. If you want to keep your same number then don't cancel and just go to the carrier you want to get your new service from and tell them you want to port your Koodo number to their service. As soon as the number is ported then your Koodo account will become automatically closed and they will send you a final bill including any previous unpaid service charges and any amount you still owe on the tab for the phone you purchased.
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The 5s was 100 more than the 5c if you wanted it you could have just pitched in 100 more dollars. Paul is correct, it isn't just koodo, all carriers are like this 😞 but you can cancel for sure if you're unsatisfied.