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How much would it cost to factory unlock an iphone 4 from koodo?

  • 16 January 2014
  • 4 replies

Hi I had a connection with koodo before but now I want unlock the phone. The phone is a iphone 4 and right now im not connected to koodo but koodo gave me an iphone 4 which I want to unlock. How much would it cost for koodo to unlock factory unlock my phone.

4 replies

It would need to be active for 90days for them to unlock it for you and it is 50$ or you can do it by a 3rd party and the price may vary
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Actually if the tab is paid off you wouldn't have to wait the 90 days, but you would need an active Koodo account in order to get Koodo to unlock it for the $50.
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Hi koodo network provider only unlock your mobile contract period end. So better you can contact ...