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How much data is enough for my usage?

i have no idea if 1 GB is enough on my data usage any suggestions???

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Hi there Brittany... Well, 1GB will be ok for a regular user... But I will let you explore the Data calculator so you can have an idea of how much you ca get... Just play with it... Enjoy http://koodomobile.com/en/on/datacalculator.shtml
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that data calculator is an approximate so dont totally rely on it.
he is correct for the average use of an iPhone 1 GB should do for you, especially if you have wifi when your at home/work etc. Just keep in mind when your out most places offer free wifi as part of their service, take advantage of it so you dont have to use up your data. p.s. if your using a lot of apps like playing games that can be heavy on your data, i would just keep logging into self serve and keep on eye on your usage in the beginning or even right on your iphone itself you can monitor it.