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how many songs and apps can a iphone 5c 8 gb hold. I have about 400 songs and 45 apps and I'm wondering if that would be enough

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It can hold about 5GB worth of data after the OS and essential services.

My text messages is 1GB, my photos and videos are about 2.5GB.  My 900 songs take about 4.2GB.

Apps vary.  I have some games that take up 500MB to 2.3GB.
Facebook is 357MB.  Twitter 191MB.

So I would guess that you wont have enough room with an 8GB iphone
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Depends on the quality of those songs and the size of those apps, but it sounds like you're pushing the available storage to its near limit. I recommend getting a 16gb minimum device, even if it's not iPhone.
It really does depend on the App download size as well as the song quality, if you have an iphone currently I would recommend looking at how much storage you're currently using and that way you can see how much you would need to remove before being able to fit it into an 8GB. Remember that messages take up space as well, even once cleared from the phone the memory stays in the background until wiped via iTunes. for reference 1 GB of photos are on my phone at 771 images, 2GB of music with 350 songs and roughly 1.5GB of space for 7 apps (instagram, whatsapp, twitter, game, game, news, web browser) = so that's about 4.5 GB used of what would be 5GB available of the 8GB i5C without messages 🙂 hope that helps! 
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I can tell you that you'll find 16 GB a tight fit without constantly removing pictures from your phone. Don't even consider 8 GB.