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how long does the credit check take?

Im thinking of switching to koodo... my contract just finished with my current provider ... I read that I need a credit check when I make the change... how does that work... do I have to give my social security number? Also how long does this take will it be done in store while I'm waiting? tks

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Credit check is required if you want to sign up with postpaid/monthly plan. They can do this at a store, so don't forget to bring proper ID. ( credit card, Canadian Driver's license, SIN ...) http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/before-you-purchase/do-you-perform-a-credit-check
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It doesn't take long for the check, just another 10 minutes or so to review the phone/plan combination (or bringing in your own), the agreement after it finishes printing, proration, making a test call, invoice in the POS system, etc.