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How long do I have to have a monthly plan until I can cancel and pay the rest of my tab off?

I am looking to buy a Iphone 4s with the Tab for $300, but I want to use it as a prepaid phone. If I buy the phone with the $29/month plan, can I use that for one month then cancel it and pay off the tab? And then switch the phone to a prepaid monthly plan? Thanks!

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Yeah, you can do that. You'll just have to get a new prepaid SIM card and port your # over from the postpaid account.
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Technically you can cancel and pay off the Tab anytime, you'll be responible fot the full billing cycle you'd be in at the time. Seems a bit convoluted in order to get a locked iPhone. Why not just buy directly from Apple? Then you can use it wherever you want.
THanks!! The Iphone 4s is $300 with the tab from Koodo and $450 for unlocked phone from Apple. So just a bit cheaper. And I may use it with the tab medium plan for a few months.