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How is data deducted from my pre-paid add-on?

I just bought a 1Gb data add-on for my pre-paid plan ($15 text/picture messaging base plan). It says I've used 6.5 Mb already, but my new iphone (6, iOS8) says I've only used 1.3 Mb in my cellular data usage history. All background refreshing has been turned off for any apps that have that feature. I did send two pictures, but picture messaging is supposed to be included in the plan. Would that cause the discrepancy? I just refreshed my Koodo self serve webpage and the data usage has gone up, even though I'm on wifi and shouldn't be using data. Is data used when I make phone calls? That should just be minutes, right? I'm new at smrtphoning. 😞

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What you need to know is your usage in self-serve is not in real-time. That means that it's a couple hours behind. That's why you see different amounts. Also, never expect your phones usage to ever match that of your actual usage exactly. Being 5mb off isn't that much at all and normal.
Ah, good to know, thanks! At what point does it update/sync with the system? Is it the same with talk minutes?