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How do monthly charges work if account is cancelled mid-billing period?

I'm moving and have to cancel my koodo account. My billing period begins on the 5th of each month, and I'm wondering if I cancel it in the middle of my billing period - say, the 10th - will I still be charged for that full month regardless?

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I'm also wondering why my tab went from 95 to 90 after my last bill, when I am on tab medium and $15 of my bill is supposed to go to my tab?
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If you cancel in the middle of your billing cycle then your plan would be pro-rated to the amount used.  So on the 10th you would have used 5 days so you would pay for 5 days.  However note that this means your minutes and data would be prorated too.  Which means if you used all your data in 5 days then you may incurr overages.  In this case, Koodo would bill you for the full month.

Did you change anything with your Tab in the last 3 pdf ebills?  Check your last 3 pdf ebills to see if there was a change to each bill