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How do I use speech to text on my iPhone 4? I can't find it anywhere on my phone.

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Official speech to text is only for iPhone 4S and up. Siri voice dictation doesn't work on the iPhone 4. However, you can find apps that will do speech-to-text within the app. You can get the Google app lets you speak in your search terms instead of typing, for example. But speech-to-text does not work system-wide. You can do speech-to-text dictation on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.
Androids are the phones that do the real speech to text function. With android anywhere you can use a keyboard, you can use speech to text. The only reason on an IPhone you can use speech to text on the Google app is because its made by Google, just like the Android system. Siri is an assistant that can only do some speech to text features, mainly when just texting. Hope this helps.