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How do I unlock an iphone6?

I was given a new iphone 6 but it says it doesn't support my Koodoo sim card - do I need to unlock the phone?  How and who does that?  Can I?

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Hi David, You'll have to get the carrier it's locked on to unlock it or use a 3rd party unlocking service such as gsmliberty.com or Cellunlocker.Net ect... From the carrier it's around $50... From a third party your usually looking around $100+

Someone here in the community suggested this place today which is much cheaper than other 3rd party unlocking services however I can't say if theyre trustworthy or not myself as I've never used them like the others I mentioned above which I have used many times without issue.https://m.ebay.ca/itm/191887256476?_m...