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How do I transfer account balances?

I've been using an account under my Mom's name for years. I recently did an ownership transfer but didn't realize that I would have to send my monthly payments (via online banking) to a new account number. So now, I've been paying my monthly fees to my old account and my new account has an unpaid balance. How do I transfer over the +balance from my old account into the -balance of my new account? There must be a way.

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You'll have to contact customer service and see if they are able to do it or if the system will even allow it. If not then I'm guessing your mom still has other phones under the original account so just get her to give you the money that you've paid on her account and her bill will be paid for a month or two with that credit you have from overpayment of the old line / mothers account.
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When I did an ownership transfer long time ago, I had a same issue.
But I called customer service and they could adjust it no problem 🙂