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How do I switch a phone from Telus to Koodo?

  • 18 January 2013
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I'm fairly sure that my girlfriend's phone is locked to Telus -- however, I want to switch her to Koodo prepaid as that is who I am with and it's a way better deal. How would I go about this? Will we need to unlock the phone, or will a Koodo SIM work as they are basically the same company? I know they use different servers for data and picture messaging but the baseband details are all the same, aren't they? Any and all advice is much appreciated! I've been bugging her about it for a while and she's finally starting to sway 😉 Thanks!!

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3 replies

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It may work without unlocking but just take the SIM Card out of your phone & try it, if it doesn't work then it needs to be unlocked. I use GSM LIBERTY online and have had 2 phones unlocked in 15 minutes, so they're fast. If your SIM Card is a different size then go to a Koodo kiosk and see if they have the right size they will let you try a SIM Card in the phone
Yeah, my phone is with Koodo and her iPhone has a regular size SIM card. I don't know if that's because it's from Norway but it seems to be a perk. Everyone I know with an iPhone has those stupid nano-SIM cards (what a cash grab -- like they can't fit a full size SIM into a phone, gimme a break) but hers doesn't. I guess I'll just pop mine in and if it doesn't work I'll use ultrasn0w to unlock it. But my original point was does anyone know if they are actually compatible? They use the same towers, etc, so I figured their SIMs might be interchangeable. If I remember correctly, both Bell and SOLO SIM cards are interchangeable, so who knows? Thanks though
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If her iphone was not sold by telus, it is not locked to telus. Be aware though that only iphones model 3gs or older take a standard sim card, and the 3gs is the oldest iphone that will work on koodos network.