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How do i limit data use when roaming in the U.S?

If i get the 150MB data talk and text plan for 3 days in the U.S., and only use data for Uber or to look at web pages, how fast will that get eaten up? And how do I prevent other apps from jumping in and using up the data? Thanks!

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Please do not repeatedly ask the same question in the forums.
I only asked it once! Sorry! 😞 Still no answer, though. . . 
Oops! Sorry again - just saw your answer elsewhere. I posted it there but then realized it went in as a comment, so I didn't think it would get seen. I've learned my lesson now.
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Diane, for future reference, it's always better to ask your question in a new thread... for two reasons. One, you get seen for sure 🙂 And two, all participants of threads get email notification of new posts (unless they specifically switch that off), so they might suddenly get an email about a question they asked months or even years ago.

But don't worry about it, we love to answer questions so feel free to post any time 🙂
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To be fair David, She was right to post a new thread for this. It's much easier to help with all the information from a new thread. Plus, Sophia is right for all the notification messages.