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How do I get the verification texts for different services I subscribe too?

For some reason it never seems to work on my phone (iPhone 5S).

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I'm not sure I follow. Are you talking about 3rd party services such as transit times, etc.?
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Hi, Sarah The only times when you get verification texts from Koodo directly is when you are given a heads up, a warning, bonuses, and when your starting your account. Even if you subscribe to other services that are not connected to Koodo, you would not get any verifications from Koodo directly. Hope this helps:)

Let me reformulate, when I said services, what I really meant was when you want to verify your account with a phone number let's say on facebook. They send a text to your phone with a code you have to copy on the website, but I never receive the text. That happened ever since I started using my iPhone with Koodo. So I was wondering if their is a setting to change? Thanks for your help!
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No there is no setting to change. Maybe the way you entered the number is wrong? I always receive verification codes from Google, Microsof, ebay or paypal...