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How do I add Additional Data??

I am currently on the "Canada-Wide Data Double 45" plan, which offers Additional Data $5/500MB. I want to add an addition 1GB, but don't know how to go about doing this. I don't want to change my plan. What do I do??

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You don't need to do anything, they will charge you overages as you use. They will charge you $5 If you used between 1-500MB over your limit, and another $5 for between 501-1000MB and so on. So just watch your usage to avoid getting a huge bill later 🙂
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And $5/500MB is an amazing deal. You won't get more data these days at a better rate. Never lose this plan dude.
Great! Thanks!
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This is a quote from a member called dennis. "If you want to increase your data, the only way is to increase your plan. There is no data add-on to increase your data As Tyler said I think Koodo made it very simple. The "add-on" amount is the same as the overage amount. Basically think of Koodo giving you a $10 for 1GB add-on automatically when ever you need it ;)" hope that helps.
Than you this very helpful.