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How do i activate easy roam internationally?

My father is in Vienna, Austria and has the easy roam package added on his plan. 
He has no coverage atm, and i installed the easy roam plan about an hour ago. when can he start getting roaming coverage, and what does he have to do to make it work?

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You will need to ensure the free international voice roaming , and international data roaming add-ons are active on his account. He may need to restart his phone subsequent to confirming these add-ons are in place.
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Hi Ike,

That is why we call it easy roam because it suppose to be easy to use and activate. You can restart your phone but be also sure that data roaming is on and Network Operators are set to automatic. I also assume that in your Canadian Plan data and voice are included so you will be able to roam like at home for an extra $10 a day.