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How can I suspend services while travelling abroad with an unlocked iPhone?

If I'm on a monthly plan. And I have an unlocked iPhone. I'm planning to travel abroad for a few month. Is there a way to suspend my service/charges while I'm travelling if I wish to maintain my account and phone number for when I return? Or do I need to outright cancel my services to not be charged for those month?

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Putting your account on Seasonal hold costs $15/month. When you get back you have to switch to an in-market plan though. If you want to pay $0 then you have to cancel. You have to call Koodo to cancel 647-788-4337
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Hi Bei, Dennis is right! If you wish to suspend your account, you can easily do it online via Self Serve: "Plans and Add-ons" tab, then "Change your plan" and choose "Seasonal Hold" 🙂 The change is effective immediately. Thank you and enjoy your trip! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.