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How can I exchange my new iPhone with certified iPhone XR, after 90 days?

  • 9 December 2019
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I bought new iPhone 8 in August and now there are many certified deals online with similar tab. How can I exchange my iPhone after 90 days. I will return my existing new iphone in exchange with iPhone XR. Please advise who to contact to exchange.

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2 replies

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You cant exchange you can sell the one you have privately and use that money towards buying a new one on the tab after you pay off any previous tab that's presently owing in full on the phone you have now.

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There is no direct exchange program like that. After 30 days, you cannot return and stuck with the device.

If you want to get the XR, you have to sell the 8 somewhere, pay off the Tab (and credit balance if that applied) and buy the XR.