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When I want to get internet service on my iphone and there are no open networks without knowing someone else's key for their internet security, can I plug my phone into my laptop which has internet service but only through plugging in wall. Can I do this without being charged for my data usage. If I used the hotspot function which I have done it still requires me to have my 3G data turned on. So am I using my data usage when I do this?

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Hi there Brenda... This is call Tethering, you are sharing your Cellphone's internet service to share it with your laptop... Every time you are doing this, and the internet you are using in your laptop is the one you are sharing from your cellphone, you are using your mobile data (3G/4G) and you will be charged according to the plan you have at Koodo.... Just be careful, since the amount of data used when tethering could be higher than when you just use the internet in your cellphone, so it is important that you keep an eye on the usage through your Self Service account to avoid going over...
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Camilo_A wrote:

Hi there Brenda... This is call Tethering, you are sharing your Cellphone's internet service to s...

I might have misunderstood but I thought Brenda is asking about going the other way. From Laptop ethernet cable internet to hot spot [b]for the iphone. If you you need to create the hotspot on your laptop so your laptop will be broadcasting an internet signal for your iphone to connect to. In this case, your iPhone does not need to have 3G data turned on (and hence no data charge from koodo). Your iphone will be connecting to a wireless internet connection (your laptop). This video might help to set this up on your laptop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nh6gbrnYzS0
Unfortunately Brenda, you can not share an active connection on your laptop with your cell phone. The only thing that you can do to have internet on your cell phone without needing to add a data package to your account would be to get a Wireless Router for your internet service in your home. That way you can hook your cell phone up to your wireless service and then your phone would be using wifi and therefore would not charge you any data charges on your bill.