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Hotmail spam

I just started receiving spam texts from hotmail accounts. How can I block, stop and delete these? I have an iPhone 4s.


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Are they text messages? Or are they emails? If they're emails, Koodo has no control over the spam that's coming to your phone. That would be a Microsoft issue(as Hotmail is owned by Microsoft). If they're coming in as Text Messages, and if you have iOS 7 or higher installed on your iPhone, you can add these emails as contacts into your device and then; Go to Settings > Messages > Blocked > Add new > and then add the contacts that those emails are saved in. This will block the text messages from coming in to your phone.
Thanks Matthew!

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Also just to add once the contact is added to the blocked list you can delete it afterwards. You wouldn't want a bunch of random people in your contacts list. 😛