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Hi. I left the country, so I am not going to use my cellphone number. Should I suspend my line and how can I do it?

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Do you mean you left the country for vacation?
If you coming back, how long you will be out?
You can put your plan on the seasonal hold for $15/mo, but you will lose your current plan. (If you have a promo plan - you will not get it back.)
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If you want to suspend the service you should call Koodo in order to do that. You can call them from abroad by using Skype. It's free to call a toll free via Skype.
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Hello Daniella! As Mayumi said, if you won't be using your service while outside of the country, you have the option of changing your plan to the Seasonal Hold Plan which costs $15 a month. You can do this yourself and for free through your Self Serve. This plan allows you to keep your number but you will need to change it to an available in-market plan when you come back. By the way, if you are counting on still using the device but not the service, make sure the phone is on "airplane mode". 

Let us know if the answers from Mayumi, Robert and I have been helpful. Thanks!