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HI I just saw a charge on my visa of $34.95 and I dont have an accoutn with koodoo what should I do? KOODO MOBILE PAC EDMONTON AB

Charge on my visa

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Best to call your credit card company and inform them of the issue and ensure no one has used your card without your consent. 
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Hey Jacques! Were you able to clear everything up with your bank? We have security procedures put in place to prevent any fraudulent activities, and so the billing address in the account must match the billing address associated to the credit card for our system to accept the payment. If you have any doubts, I would suggest giving a call to our customer service so they can investigate this further!
KOODO TOP UP REAPPROV EDMONTON AB $5.75 was also charged on my visa when I am paying my bills every month on a monthly account. Why do I see this charge?