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Hi, I have a plan with you including 1go but I would need for one month to boost my plan up to 3-6go, do you have that option?

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There is no option to add-on extra data. Instead, you just use your rate plans overage rate on data. This can be found on self-serve under Plans & Add-ons. Your overage rate is plan specific. Some people have an overage rate of $10/GB and some have an overage rate of $10/250MB. It just depends on the plan. But regardless, there is no add-on and if you want to use more data, you just pay your overage rate.
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Do you mean 1GB, Mai? No, you only have two options, use the 3-6GB and pay the overage... or upgrade your plan to a higher one I'm afraid.
yah GB, french took over on this one.. I don't want to change my plan, because it doesn't exist anymore and it's way more nicer than the current offer... do you know how to find my over rage?