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Hi, I have a question. I want to buy an iPhone 6 but not go under contract. Can I buy the phone straight up for its regular price and choose any plan I want because I have very bad credit with credit checks?

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Hi there... Even if you are willing to pay for the phone up front, you will need to go under a credit check, and then you will see if you are eligible for the services or not... If you are, Bingo, you can buy it and choose any plan...
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You're better off buying an unlocked one from the Apple store. That way if you don't get approved with Koodo you can try the other carriers.
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Hi Chantal,

With any of the carriers, you will need to pass a credit check for a monthly subscription. Do as Jonathan said, and buy an unlocked version from an Apple Store. From there, you can sign up on a pre-paid plan with the carrier of your choice and pick which ever ones have the best plan for you! 

On a side note, if you have very bad credit already, I would suggest avoiding credit checks as often as possible, so I would strongly recommend against going to each provider in hopes of passing one of their credit checks.