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HELP! iphone 5c

how do i get my apps under my use for cellular data? for example. facebook is not under my cellular data so it wont let me us it, i have downloaded the app already, Iphone 5c

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Here you go: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT201299
i have already been to that site, under my "usage for cellular data" it only has facetime and passbook, it doesnt have all the other apps under it, i wanna know how to get my other apps under it
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i know its weird, i have friends that are all about how iphones work and what not, they couldnt even figure it out which was weird, it didnt work when i uninstalled it and re installed it and the first photo is what pops up on my data, and the second one is after i click my settings in my facebook