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Help can't make outgoing calls

I just got back from overseas and changed my plan. I have an iPhone 4. The issue I'm having is that unless the cellular data and 3G are enabled I can't connect to koodo. The other problem and most important is that I can't make outgoing calls, I keep getting a busy signal with every number I dial. I can't seem to find a solution.

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Call Koodo Tech Support to clear european towers system info on your device/line
Ok thanks I was in Asia but I'll call tech support from my home phone.
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It's not just the european towers. Ther's a problem right now with accounts not resuming correctly from seasonal hold. Tech support can clear it though.
I got the same problem, how did you solve it ?
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I got the same problem, how did you solve it ?You call tech support, they refresh the network settings, then you pull the battery and sim card. When you power the phone back up you should be able to make outgoing calls.